All of our bespoke trousers start with the drafting  and then striking of a paper pattern for each customer, based on their unique, physical form, and are completely hand made, much like they were at the turn of the century, save for  straight leg seams, and the button fly, which we will happily incorporate into the design of your trousers, should you so desire.

We will, however, remind you of what one of our brethren in the tailoring trade reminded us, with regard to the many modern gadgets for which he had much disdain. The zipper and hook, however, was not one of them. It was he, who made us a believer in the high tech manner with which we fasten, and unfasten our trousers, the most obvious being, the swiftness with which one can do one's "business", as it were, in matters both physical (natural?) and amorous. We'll leave the rest to your imagination.

We are quite well-known for our expression of design with regard to casual, as well as traditional trousers, albeit, with a twist. In fact, many a client has referred  to our completely hand-made khakis, as "Rich-Guy Dockers", and, to be frank, they are correct. Whether heavy twills or the softest of  cottons, or cottons blended with cashmere we take great pride in putting the same hand work into our casual trousers that we do into every trouser we make.

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