We no longer accept outside alterations.  We continue to offer all forms of alterations to clients of Gian DeCaro Sartoria, as a complete and continued service. This is a change from the past.



A good suit, sport coat, trousers or fine shirts, whether bespoke or off the peg, are an investment in your professional and personal appearance, and require a bit of special care.


Although dry cleaning has been around for over 140 years, custom tailors have never reconciled to chemical saturation of our carefully hand-shaped creations.  


Dry clean only when absolutely essential and then, only by the best cleaners available. (Call us, and we can point you in the right direction.) Chemicals are quite abusive, and will strip the oils from the natural fibers, like wool, cashmere, and silk.


We at Gian DeCaro believe in maintaining and updating your wardrobe, in addition to selling you your new custom suits, jackets, trousers and shirts.


As a  bespoke client of Gian DeCaro Sartoria, we welcome any and all of your personal clothing that needs altering  or  adjustment. 


We do not offer reweaving services.


If there is anything in your wardrobe that you think we can breathe new life into, please drop it by. We can complete minor alterations in one or two days, major alterations in a week to ten days. 


If you require a repair or alteration to any garment please bring the garment to us so that we can assess what is necessary and advise accordingly. All repairs are done in-house, ensuring premium stitching of the highest quality. Body size and/or posture often change with the passing of time making alterations necessary.  With our own garments the outlets on the seams left during the make and the construction of the garment enable us to make extensive changes.


We will be pleased to refit, re-cut if necessary and alter accordingly whenever possible. Again this complicated work will be done with the same loving care as in its original make. All work is overseen by Gian DeCaro, and no effort will be spared to restore the garment's condition as near as possible to when new.


Cleaning / Pressing/Valet Services

We are delighted to offer a cleaning and pressing service of the highest quality for bespoke clothing purchased from us. 


As mentioned previously, clothing should be cleaned only when necessary because over-cleaning is detrimental to natural fibers. Our cleaners will, after careful inspection, clean your garment with the utmost care and treat any stains with great expertise. Do bear in mind that some stains are untreatable and it does help if you can tell us the cause.


Hand pressing is of extreme importance and will increase longevity and maintain the garment's appearance. All hand pressing is done on our premises by us in the same manner in which we made the original clothing, so you are assured of the most professional service carried out by people that truly understand how clothes are made and how they react to pressing..