A bespoke gentleman's shirt from Gian DeCaro Sartoria is unlike most others, because it is just that, a true bespoke shirt.  All collars and cuffs, unless otherwise requested, are unfused, or even three-ply lined, for those who like a relaxed, soft collar and cuffs. We make shirts that are built to last for many years. We start with the selection of fabrics, then sit down and discuss how and when you will wear those shirts. Then, we'll create a fit single fit shirt, based on styles we make, or even create a special collar or cuff pattern specifically for you. We can also often re-create the fit and styling of a favorite shirt in your existing wardrobe . We have a minimum order of four shirts, but will make just one fit shirt to begin with, to ensure a perfect fit. We will make any adjustments if necessary to the initial fit shirt, and then cut the balance of shirtings.

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