What sets DeCaro apart from other tailors is not just his styling (a touch Milanese, un po Fiorentino, a smidgen of Napoli,  with a bit of Cary Grant and Desi Arnaz thrown in for good measure) but also his lifestyle. DeCaro and his customers share the same if not similar interests. He talks Ferraris and Maseratis with clients who possess the largest private auto collections in the world,  baseball while fitting Major league players for a suit, soccer with a Sounder fitting a topcoat. You wouldn't expect Pearl Jam at DeCaro Sartoria, but, members of Seattle's hottest bands seek him out for their needs off stage. Businessmen and professionals trust him to create apparel that is subtle, substantial and suitably discreet....it's been said that even a certain Microsoft founder or two consult with DeCaro as they have moved from collegiate-looking wardrobes of sweats, khakis and jeans to their more polished, professional looks of today.  

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