"An oasis of civility, in a sea of  sartorial insanity".  That is how one client describes it. Step into the atelier of Gian DeCaro, and you are immediately transported to another time; A time when men knew the manner in which to dress for each and every occasion. How to act and interact with a member of the opposite sex. How to discuss the properties and subtle differences between  a Habano Puro, as opposed to the subtle delicacies of a Honduran, or Dominican cigar.  To wax on and on about one's favorite single-malt Scotch. 

Gian DeCaro likes it this way. He cut his teeth on the labor-intensive business of bespoke, learning the trade at his father's knee. "I was brought up in America in the great tradition of the son of an Italian tailor," says DeCaro, who rebelled at the age of 15 by taking a job in a hip jeans boutique. In high school and college, he learned new ways of retailing. wholesaling, training , marketing and advertising. For several years he explored the world through travel, music and art... then, in 1982, he came home to his father's business; an exquisite, exacting, exciting, and expressive profession. "I have come full-circle but today the role of a tailor has changed. My customers want a creative person, a designer, whose clothing enhances their physiques and projects their special image."

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